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These products are suitable only for OBD-II supported cars. Older standard, OBD-I, is not supported. Remember to check before ordering that your car is OBD-II compatible.

Delivery times are 7-14 days with stock items and 4-6 weeks with non-stock items. However, we have now all items in stock.

You can also order by email By that way, handling times are few days longer.
Recommended way is to use order form below.

All products are delivered by post.
The price of order consist of products price(see below) and

1/4) Select products(checkbox) that you want to order and choose its quantity from list. All prices are in euros and include taxes.
 OBDLink EX 69,99 
 OBDLink MX plus Bluetooth 149,00 
 OBDLink LX Bluetooth 99,97 
 OBDLink CX BLE Adapter 89,50 
 ElmOScan 9.0 - Software for all ELM-based devices 59,00 
 ElmOScan 9.0 - Update 29,00 

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